A garden that looks good; is practical and easy to maintain; enhances your property and provides years of enjoyment. That's a D&G Garden World garden.. 

D&G Garden World Garden Landscaping

Beautiful, well-designed gardens are an enormously important aspect of any home, allowing us to extend our living space out beyond four walls. TV garden makeover programmes have shown us how much potential our own gardens have, filling our minds with ideas and fantasies for our own little oasis of beauty just outside the back door.

Like our Mediterranean neighbours, we are embracing outdoor living with zeal and although we may not have the milder climate that is enjoyed in other countries, we seem to be making very good use of patio heaters and canopies to help us comfortably entertain friends and family under the stars.

If your garden is in need of a professional makeover by garden experts, or you are looking for advice andgarden supplies for a DIY garden project, then D&G Garden World can help.

D&G Garden World offers a comprehensive range of garden landscape, turfing and fencing servicesthroughout Essex and east London. 

D&G has been landscaping gardens for more than 20 years so is the ultimate choice for any gardening assignment. Whatever the brief, from small courtyards to commercial grounds, we take on every garden project with passion and enthusiasm.

Extra help for Garden DIY-ers

As well as providing an expert garden landscaping service, D&G can also supply everything you need to carry out your own DIY garden project including the hire of garden equipment. 

Garden DIY-ers are not left alone to get on with the job: D&G go that step further and provide a free advisory service to all customers purchasing and hiring products for their garden. After a free consultation, we’ll help you:

  • Plan a garden that will look good, be practical and easy to maintain
  • Select the right products for your garden depending on conditions and use
  • Select the right quantity of materials and products you need
  • Supply all the products and hire all the equipment you need
  • Advise you on the upkeep and maintenance of your finished garden and its features
  • Supply products to help you maintain and protect your garden and its features

D&G Garden World’s garden landscaping services include:

Planting, raised borders, pots and baskets
Patios and paving
Water features
Arbours, arches and pergolas

Planting, raised borders, pots and baskets:

    Long-lasting, high quality plants from reputable suppliers, selected to complement your garden design and work with the geographical and weather conditions in your area. Whether you want to watch your garden grow over time, or are looking for instant blooming glory, D&G can apply their expert knowledge to help you choose from an assortment of plants, shrubs, trees, seedlings, saplings, bulbs and seeds.

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    The ideal evening retreat; somewhere for you to sip a glass of wine and look out over your beautiful garden. D&G can construct anything from simple to complex decking designs with durable, weatherproof materials. We will help you embellish your decked area with plants, ornamental features, garden lighting and matching garden furniture. D&G's decking is built to last, so you can carry on enjoying your garden for years to come.

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Patios and paving:

    For bank holiday barbeques and summer Sunday sun-lounging; we supply a wide selection of paving forpatios, paths and driveways in various finishes and colours to complement your property and work with the geographical conditions in your area. We also supply garden lighting, perfect for edging pathways, illuminating drives and shedding some light on a patio party.

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Water features:

    Water features add a focal point to any garden design. The relaxing sound of gently flowing water adds peace and tranquillity to an outdoor space, enhancing the ambience and creating an oasis of calm to return to after a hard days' work. Water features also attract wildlife, adding natural character to a garden. D&Gsupply a selection of ornamental water features and supplies to suit all pockets, including:

  • Waterfalls, fountains and cascading features
  • Ponds and streams
  • Pyramids, spheres, stones and statues
  • Bird baths and tables
  • Illuminated water features

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Arbours, arches and pergolas:

    Unwind with a book under a rustic rose-adorned arbour; make an entrance or create a private space with a vine-covered arch; dine out under a pergola, shaded from the breeze whilst enjoying the fine fragrance of clematis climbing overhead.

    Arbours, arches and pergolas add height to a level garden and provide privacy and seclusion whilst not blocking out precious sunlight. Using the right materials and a good choice of well-suited climbing plants,D&G Garden World can help enhance your garden with an attractive creation made from wood, trellis, brick or a combination of all three. 

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    A well-made fence can create a dazzling first impression as well as hide things you don't want in sight, add height to your garden and shelter and protect you and your plants from the elements. More>>>

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Jet Washing

Driveways, patios and decking are often the first aspect seen in any garden. Whether they’re offering kerb appeal at the front of your home, or are the first part of the garden you step out onto at the rear of your house, by looking their best they’ll give the greatest first impression of your property.

Jet washing your patio or driveway will keep it from looking dull and dirty. Everyday wear and tear, dirt from cars and shoes, and weeds germinating in the cracks of paving can make the hard landscaping in your garden look unsightly, but D&G can vastly improve the look of driveways and patios courtesy of our jet washing services.

Our professional and reliable service is environmentally friendly, as well as quick and efficient. We use professional grade pressure washers, which are much more effective than those available to use on a DIY basis. Once complete, this makes the maintenance of your driveway or patio much more manageable, not to mention safer and cleaner.


D&G is committed to helping you create a garden that will look good, be practical and easy to maintain, enhance your property and provide years of enjoyment. We want you to be satisfied for years to come so you return to us in the future, and recommend us to friends and family.

D&G Garden World: 20 years experience in the garden industry and an established reputation for expert garden landscaping services.

For more information on garden landscaping, please browse our FAQs. To arrange your free garden landscaping consultation and quotation, please Contact Us. We look forward to helping you create an idyllic garden!