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Top Greenhouse Growing Tips for Autumn

You may be thinking that now the summer is drawing to a close, it’s time to down tools and effectively shut your garden until next year. But if you have a greenhouse, you’ll know that that doesn’t have to be the case. Do you have a greenhouse but are unsure how to use it in the cooler months? Or are you thinking of getting one but thought you might postpone until next summer? Either way, here are some greenhouse growing tips for autumn.

What can I use my greenhouse for in the autumn?

The main aim of a greenhouse is to keep plants at a warmer temperature than outside. An unheated greenhouse can keep overnight temperatures up to 5°C warmer than outside, which means that even if you do nothing else with it in the cooler months, it’s perfect for keeping any sensitive plants frost-free.

Even in the worst of winters, a greenhouse will stand frost-sensitive plants in good stead, and it’s an excellent idea in the autumn months to assess which plants should be moved into the greenhouse, particularly if you have a container-heavy garden. If you’re not sure what in your garden should be protected, ask your landscape gardening company for further advice.

Aside from keeping existing plants warm, you can also grow new plants during the autumn and winter months using your greenhouse! Greenhouses are great, therefore, if you’re looking for year-round colour or veg patch.

What can I grow in the greenhouse in the autumn?

The greenhouse is a great way to get organised for the year ahead. Think through your landscape gardening ideas for the coming year and see if there is anything you can get started on in the greenhouse now. Not only may it be possible to shelter tender perennials inside the greenhouse, but you may also be able to take cuttings from plants such as hydrangeas and nurture these over the winter months.

If you want to bring colour indoors, you may be able to persuade bulbs to bloom slightly early using your greenhouse. Stand potted bulbs outside for six weeks before bringing them into your greenhouse for the warmth to encourage growth. 

And don’t forget that you can also grow plenty of vegetables and herbs inside a greenhouse over the winter months, including winter salad varieties (such as the lettuce ‘salad bowl’), hardy herbs including chives, mint and parsley, and potentially even force rhubarb.

How Should I Maintain my Greenhouse?

Because of the limited light in the autumn and winter months, it’s a good idea to make sure that as much light as possible can penetrate the glass of your greenhouse. As such, cleaning your greenhouse is essential, as is removing any moss growth or debris such as leaves and dirt. Whilst cleaning your greenhouse, look for any signs of damage too, and replace any broken or cracked panes. 

If you’d like further tips and tricks for using your greenhouse over the autumn months, or would rather leave the growing to the professionals, get in contact with D&G Garden World today. As professionals in landscape gardening services, we can make sure your garden in Hornchurch, Upminster or Brentwood is looking its best year round.