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How to get your Lawn Back on Track this Autumn

The summer months can really take their toll on your garden, particularly on your lawn. As the weather starts to cool and autumn is on the horizon, there are certain tricks and tips, as recommended by professional landscape gardening services, that you can use to get your lawn looking lush and green again. Ready to repair any summer lawn damage? Here’s how to get your lawn back on track.


Although the word may sound a little scary, scarifying is simply the act of regularly raking your lawn to clear it of the likes of moss and fungi. Raking the grass will remove any old grass stems, moss, leaves and any additional debris which has found its way onto your lawn over the summer months.

Carefully use a spring-tine rake to rigorously rake over the lawn, although be careful not to rake too deeply as this can damage the lawn. If you’re worried that you will become a little over enthusiastic in your scarifying, why not instruct a reliable landscape gardening company to professionally clear your lawn of debris and prepare it for the cooler months ahead for you?


The summer months can leave your lawn looking a little patchy. After all, it is the place of garden picnics, football playing and bike riding during those long summer days! Once you’ve scarified your lawn, you will be able to see clearly if there are any bald patches which need re-seeding.

If there are any bare patches, spreading seed evenly and keeping the ground well-watered will help to fill in the gaps. If areas of your lawn are particularly prone to becoming bare during the summer months, it might be worth discussing with a landscape gardening company if they can professionally re-sow with hardy, resilient seed.

Keep Mowing!

Keeping on top of the mowing when it’s dry in the autumn months will help your grass to grow and recover. Make sure not to set your mower blades too low, as this could cause the soil beneath your lawn to dry out too quickly.

Feed and Fertilise

Fertilising your lawn is one of the quickest ways to bring it back to life. It’s important not to fertilise newly sown lawn, however, as this could cause it to turn brown, so consult with your garden landscape company if you’re at all unsure.

The best time to carry out any autumn lawn care is September, before the cold sets in and growth tails off for the winter season. So ,if you’re ready to bring your lawn back to life after the summer months, now is the time to do it! If you’re worried about treating your lawn correctly, get in touch with D&G Garden World, as we have plenty of experience of bringing lawns in Upminster, Brentwood and Hornchurch back to life. Think the grass is always greener on the other side? Well, with our help, it can certainly be greener on the other side of summer!