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How to Plant Your Garden for Autumn Colour

If you’d like to stave off the autumn chill and the cooler days with a burst of autumn colour, then planting your garden to give you that natural fireworks display is the way to go. But what should you plant to give you a beautiful display in your garden during the autumn months?

Creating autumn colour does take some planning ahead, and by planting now you may not reap the full benefits until next year. However, by choosing the right plants for your landscape gardening, you can enjoy autumn’s colour palette in your own green – and red and yellow and orange – space. Here’s our guide to creating a dazzling autumn display in your garden. 


Cotoneasters are an excellent choice to use in shrub borders or as hedges and come in a range of varieties. The great thing about cotoneasters, however, is that in the autumn months, they give a great display of bright red berries, which bring an instant pop of colour to your garden, especially in contrast against its dark green leaves. Therefore, if you’re in need of some shade in the summer, or a green border, or autumn colour, cotoneaster is an excellent choice. 


Aster is a classic autumn choice, and when we tell you that it’s also known as a Michaelmas daisy, it’s easy to see why. This autumn plant gives off masses of pale blue, daisy shaped flowers with a beautiful yellow centre, which will give your garden an instant sea of blue.

Asters should be planted in a sunny, airy position to encourage maximum flowering. Once the blooms have been and gone, prune the flowers hard to ensure regrowth for next year. If you’re not sure how best to plant or maintain your asters, ask your garden landscape company to maintain your autumn garden on your behalf. 

Autumn Crocuses

Don’t be fooled into thinking that crocuses are just for spring; there are several autumnal varieties which bring beautiful colour into the garden at this time of year. With flowers appearing from late September, you can gain a dazzling display of purple, orange and white in your flowerbeds and lawn. Remember that if they are grown dotted in amongst your lawn, don’t mow the lawn until the foliage has died down. 

Crab Apple

The perfect autumn tree, crab apple gives beautiful yellow leaves with red-orange fruits. It’s also a great choice for smaller gardens as it has a conical shape. Why not plan ahead now and talk to your landscape gardening services specialist about planting a crab apple tree ready for next year’s autumn colour? 


Dahlias are beautiful throughout the summer and well into the autumn. You can enjoy a whole host of colours when it comes to dahlias, but for a cohesive and striking look, why not choose one colour to use throughout your garden? Orange or yellow look beautiful and will continue that autumnal colour display when planted in abundance in your garden. 


Acers trees give a really striking, impressive display come autumn time. Their red leaves are almost unrivalled in their vibrancy. Did you know that some varieties of acers can be planted within large containers? This means that they’re great for patio gardens, courtyards or small spaces. 

Garden Landscaping for Autumn Colour

Of course, just as with any garden project, there’s more than just choosing the plants to create the perfect autumnal colour display. Ensuring that your plants are cited in the right place for maximum flowering and colour, creating a visual display that draws the eye and being mindful of growing height is important, and a good garden landscape specialist can ensure this. 

If you’re looking for professional landscape gardening and would like to ensure that you include plenty of autumn colours, then get in touch with D&G Garden World. We can create colour year round and bring your garden in Upminster, Hornchurch or Brentwood to life this autumn.