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Get Planting Those Spring Bulbs Now!

If the dark and damp days of autumn aren’t your thing, you may be looking ahead to spring already. As landscape gardening specialists, we love all seasons, but we also know that if you are wistful for spring, and you want your garden to live up to your daydreams, then you need to plan ahead for spring now! And that means planting spring bulbs from October onwards.

Ready to lift some of the winter blues and get organised for spring? Here’s what to plant now to give you a beautiful display come spring time:


Daffodils, or Narcissus, are a traditional symbol that warmer weather and the first sign of spring is around the corner. Many people love the cheerful yellow of daffodils and by planting them now you’ll give yourself a sunny outlook come spring.

Remember that they don’t have to be planted in flower beds or containers necessarily; how about planting them around the base of a tree, or even in your lawn for a spring meadow feel? If you’re not sure how to achieve this look, consult your local specialist in landscape garden services who can create a spring bulb garden accordingly.

Muscari Armeniacum

Muscari Armeniacum, or Grape Hyacinth as many of us know it as, is a really easy bulb to grow year after year. It’s striking and works well dotted in flowerbeds or containers. They are really quite hardy and require little attention, so are easy to plant now and then just let them do their own thing!


Snowdrops, or Galanthus in Latin, will be one of the first signs of spring to pop through your soil. Planting can take place from late October to mid-November for blooms in late winter / early spring.

Their early blossom makes them a firm favourite when it comes to spring bulb landscape gardening ideas, as they are the first plants to add some colour to your outdoor space before making way for the later bulbs like daffodils, bluebells and tulips.

Crocus Vernus

Did you know that there are actually spring and autumn varieties of Crocuses?! This makes them almost a year-round flower. For sprint time, however, you need to start thinking about planting crocuses now. There are a whole host of varieties, in different colours and which flower at different times, so speak to your landscape gardening experts to advice on achieving a wave of colour throughout the spring by planting accordingly.


Tulips are another spring bulb which come in a range of varieties. This means that if you tend to only grow certain colours in your garden, you’ll find a tulip to suit your needs and your colour scheme. Alternatively, if you’d like something showy that simply shouts spring, how about the hot pink Burgundy Lace variety, or the frilly petals of the Swan Wings variety?

If you’re unsure on how best to plant spring bulbs, get in contact with D&G Garden World now in order to have a garden full of colour come spring. As landscape gardening experts, we can create a garden which blooms to its best potential once the warmer weather appears.