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Have you Considered a Low Mow Lawn?

Do you love the idea of a lush, green lawn but hate the maintenance that goes with it? If so, you may have considered an artificial lawn, and whilst this is certainly an excellent option for a lot of people, many still like to have a real bed of greenery in their back garden.

If this is you, then a low mow lawn may be an option! Read on for how to create a lush lawn with a slight twist.

What is a Low Mow Lawn?

A low mow lawn is exactly what it says it is: it’s a lawn which, to a certain extent, is left to its own devices. When a lawn isn’t consistently mown, it will turn into a mini meadow, which is great for wildlife and also for aesthetics, if you like a slightly unkempt and wild look to landscape gardening.

Over time, if left to its own devices, your lawn, which you may consider to be full of weeds, will start to burst forth with colour and pretty wildflowers, such as buttercups, daisies and clover.

What are the Benefits of a Low Mow Lawn?

Aside from the prettiness that a low mow lawn can bring to your landscape gardening, it is likely to bring a variety of wildlife to your garden, too. You’ll attract a range of pollinators as well as beetles, insects and maybe even frogs.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits is that it won’t need much – if any – mowing! To keep a low mow lawn relatively under control, you’ll probably only want to mow it up to 6 times throughout the year. Once established, a low mow lawn will need very little watering too.

Does a Low Mow Lawn Replace a Traditional Lawn?

You can certainly replace your traditional lawn with a low mow lawn if you wish, however you wouldn’t necessarily use the two in the same way. A low mow lawn is more of an ornamental lawn, whereas if you want something that will stand up to children playing football or dogs chasing sticks, then you’ll want something a little more robust.

That’s not to say that you can’t picnic on it or walk on it; it’s fine if your lawn only enjoys occasional use. And the whole point is that this type of lawn doesn’t look pristine, and any patches which aren’t so well covered in flowers won’t look out of place, so don’t be afraid to use it.

How can I Work a Low Mow Lawn into my Landscape Gardening Ideas?

Of course, you can go ahead and replace your whole lawn with a low mow lawn. However, if you want to experiment with the idea first, or are a little nervous about turning you whole garden over to a mini meadow, then why not dedicate a small area or zone as a low mow area? 

This works particularly well if you have a long garden, as the end of the garden can be dedicated to a low mow lawn, or if your garden naturally leads to woodland or more wild vegetation to the end of it. 

You can, of course, just let this type of lawn do its own thing, but if you want to give it a helping hand, the key to getting it right is to ask a gardening company specialising in landscape gardening services to help it along by planting it accordingly. Why not contact D&G Garden World for this? We can happily blend a low mow lawn into your existing garden and give it a helping hand towards growing wild.