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Five Festive Ideas for Container Gardens

If you have a container garden, it might be looking a little bare right now. With the winter in full swing, many of the summer blooms that once filled your containers will be looking a little sorry for themselves. Have you thought about changing your garden into a festive container garden for the Christmas season?

The beauty of container gardens is that you can switch them about as and when the mood takes you. Changing your containers for more festive displays will act as a beautiful outdoor extension of your indoor Christmas decorations, and will last right the way through to the spring if you so wish. Here are just a few festive landscape gardening ideas for container gardens.

1. Merry Berry

Berries are synonymous with Christmas. Therefore planting the likes of the berried gaultheria (also known as the checkerberry!) will provide pots of festive red berries in your garden. Team with cyclamen to add some softer red tones into the mix. And if you want to dress the containers up for Christmas even more? Add a large red bow and some festive fairy lights! Perfect for front doorsteps and gifts as well as container gardens.

2. Trailing Beauties

Ivy is a great winter container pot choice. There’s a good reason it’s in one of the most famous Christmas songs and looks great in the winter months. It can be teamed with its song mate, the holly tree, if you so wish, or alternatively plant it in containers with tall grasses for contrast. If you have window boxes or hanging baskets, why not plant it in these to create a beautiful trailing display?

If you’re not sure how best to plant ivy or what to team it with, consult a specialist in landscape gardening services to get it looking its best.

3. Winter Warmers

Don’t think that you have to stick to traditional Christmas plants or colours in order to make your container garden a little more festive. Oranges and yellows look beautifully warm in winter container gardens too. Think chilli plants, pansies and violas in a cream container. Team with cordyline for structure and a little height.

4. Pots of Colour

Remember that it’s not just about the festive plants; you can have festive pots too! If you switch your normal summer containers into the greenhouse for the winter months in favour of your hardier and evergreen plants, make sure that your containers themselves are also festive.

By this we mean bright reds and greens to give a pop of colour in the garden. With brightly coloured containers, your garden will instantly feel more festive. If you’re not sure which plants will fare well during the colder, wetter months, it’s important to consult a specialist in landscape gardening in order to get it right. Otherwise it could be a costly mistake if your plants don’t last the winter months! 

5. Oh Mini Christmas Tree…

What could be cuter than mini Christmas trees in your container garden?! Dwarf conifers like Ellwood’s gold or picea albertiana conica are great choices for winter container gardens, especially as they are evergreen and will therefore give some lush colour year-round. Team these with winter heathers or the aforementioned gaultheria around the edge of your mini Christmas trees to soften them a little and add some colour.

If you’re looking to make your container garden a little more festive this winter but aren’t sure how to do so, get in contact with D&G Garden World. As experts in landscape gardening services in Upminster, Brentwood and Hornchurch, we can give your container garden year-round colour and make it a little more seasonal to boot.