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How to Help your Garden Survive the Winter

The winter months can be harsh on your garden. Cold, damp and windy weather will all take their toll, even before snow and ice are thrown into the mix! But there are several ways that savvy gardeners can help their garden survive the winter months. These professional landscape gardening tips will help you to make sure your garden is looking its best once the weather begins to warm up.

Keep the Wind Out

Excellent garden fencing is one of the best ways that you can protect your garden in the winter months. Protecting delicate and young plants from the wind will help the garden to start maturing once the weather starts to warm up. Be sure to check your fencing before the really bad winter weather sets in so that you can make sure that there is no damage which will allow the winter gusts into the garden to damage your plants.

Prevent Freezing and Thawing

When the ground yoyos between freezing and thawing on a regular basis it can cause damage to the plants it’s sustaining. This can be prevented by using mulch on top of the soil to help plants maintain a constant temperature.

Three inches of mulch should be spread on top of the ground, and this should be covered with netting, chicken wire or tree branches to stop it being blown away by the wind. If you’re not sure how best to lay mulch, ask a specialist in landscape gardening services if they will be able to protect your garden from freezing and thawing via mulch for you.

Shake off the Snow

If we see snow this winter, remember that any snow that sits on tree branches can cause damage. The weight of the snow can cause tree branches to break. It’s therefore a good idea to gently shake any snow build up on tree branches, and to prune hedges to taper at the top to minimise the snow damage on hedges and bushes as well.

Contain your Containers

If you have any containers that you’d like protected from the winter elements, it’s best to move these into dry, sheltered areas. You can also group containers together to give them mutual protection and wrap the containers in bubble wrap or straw to prevent the roots from freezing, or partially bury the pot into the soil for the same effect.

Talk to a landscape gardening expert

If you’re concerned about your garden over the winter months, then the best thing to do is to consult an expert in landscape gardening. Here at D&G Garden World we have many years’ experience in keeping gardens alive and thriving during the winter months. Get in touch and let us look after your garden this winter.