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5 Little Jobs to Help your Garden Spring to Life

As the sun has been peeping through the clouds a teeny bit more and the weather starts to become milder, you may be starting to think about getting back out into the garden. Whether you’re itching to get the gardening gloves back on or are a reluctant gardener who would prefer a professional landscape gardening service to do the hard work for you, now is the time to start getting some of those little gardening jobs under your belt. 

Tidy your Borders

Whilst your garden borders are looking a little bare, it’s a great time to get them tidy and ready for the spring and summer months ahead. Before more signs of life start to pop up through the soil, it’s a good idea to start to clear any fallen leaves and weed borders as much as possible.

You may also want to apply a layer of mulch to keep weeds at bay and to feed your plants ahead of the growing season ahead. If you’re not sure how to do this, now is the time to look at employing a company specialising in landscape gardening services to get your garden ready for the summer months. 

Prune as Necessary

Some plants like to have a little prune ahead of the summer months, just before their main growing season starts. Wisteria, Buddleia and ornamental grasses can all be cut back. If you’re not sure what can be pruned when, leave this job to a professional. Professional landscape gardeners will be able to prune those plants that need it in the correct manner and at the correct amount ready for new growth to appear. 

Deadhead Daffodils

This really is a little job which will help to tidy your spring garden. Once they start to look untidy, deadhead any daffodils in your garden by removing the flowerheads and leaving the foliage. This will tidy your borders but will ensure that the daffodils return next spring. 

Prepare your Soil

While the ground is soft, it’s a good time to prepare it for spring and summer planting. Dig the soil over and then level it out. Alternatively, ask your local specialist in landscape gardening if they can help to prepare the ground in your garden ready for planting. They will also be able to plant any new plants you may need to fill out your garden whilst it’s looking bare, either now whilst digging over the soil or in a few months’ time when it’s a little warmer. 

Plan Ahead with the Help of Specialist Landscape Gardening Services

Whether you’re a keen gardener or not, now is a great time to take a look at your garden and assess what you want to do with it in the year ahead. Whilst it’s bear, have a think about any hard landscaping you may want to put in place, any zones you want to create this year – such as seating or entertaining areas, or perhaps a vegetable garden – and whether you need to fill in any bare patches of your garden with large shrubs.


Not sure where to begin? Get in touch with D&G Garden World. As specialists in landscape gardeners, we can put your landscape gardening ideas into practice using our expertise. Get in touch today to help your garden spring to life.