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How to Get Children Involved with the Gardening

If you’re home-schooling your children or just have budding little green fingers on your hands, the warmer weather lends itself well towards getting kiddies out into the garden and growing their own. As experienced landscape gardening contractors, let us tell you that it’s a science and home economics class rolled into one, and great fun for children, too! Here’s how to get your children involved with the gardening this spring. 

Choose Fast-Growing Plants

Children’s attention spans are a lot shorter than those of adults. As a general rule, a child can sit and concentrate for a minute for every year of their age, so a four-year-old can, on average, sit and concentrate for four minutes. You may wonder what this has to do with gardening but think of it this way: a seed germinating and growing is going to feel like an eternity to your four-year-old!


With this in mind, choose plants that you can plant from seed and which will grow quickly. As experts in landscape gardening, we would recommend peas as a great example of this, as the seeds are chunky and produce plants, and then vegetables, really quickly. Similarly, spinach is another fast-growing plant, as are some cut and come again lettuces. Showing children that they can achieve something quickly in the garden will give them the enthusiasm to do more. 


Get Kids Involved in Choosing What to Plant

Remember that children love to be involved in the decision making process. Why not ask them, therefore, what fruit and veg they’d like to grow? For example, many children enjoy growing pumpkins because of the association with Halloween or like to grow fruit such as strawberries and tomatoes which can be eaten straight from the vine. You could even stipulate that whatever they choose to grow, they must try at dinner time. You never know, you might broaden their palate as well as their mind!


Plant from the Kitchen


A great way to give a holistic lesson in gardening and food production is to get children involved with cooking dinner. When using produce such as peppers and tomatoes, ask them to keep some of the seeds so that you can plant them. This will really give them an insight into where food comes from, as well as a great overview of the whole plant lifecycle.


Give Children Tasks


Giving your children gardening tasks is an excellent way to encourage responsibility. For example, you could ask your children to water the plants each day. This will not only show them responsibility but will also get them excited as they see the progress of their seeds and plants.


Alternatively, get them involved with the harvesting. For younger children, you can incorporate colours and numbers into this process by encouraging them to look for only the red tomatoes, or to pick a certain number of fruit and veg.


Make it a Competition


Why not make your gardening into some friendly family competition? You could see who in the family can grow the tallest sunflower, or the most tomatoes. Who can grow the biggest carrot, and who will produce a pumpkin first? All of this will encourage little green fingers to look after their plants.


Get Children Involved with your Landscape Gardening Ideas


Getting children involved with the gardening is a really worthwhile lesson and a life skill. Get them involved with your landscape gardening ideas in terms of what fruit and veg to grow, or maybe give them their own little patch of the garden to tend. Let them do what they want with it, whether that be creating a produce patch or growing flowers for cutting and bringing into the house.


And most of all? Have fun with your children in the garden! As experts in landscape gardening services, this is the best piece of advice we can give you for getting your children involved in the garden. Make it fun and you’ll create little gardeners for life!