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How to Plant from Seed


You may think that growing plants from seed sounds really difficult. To nurture those tiny little things into a living, growing plant seems like a tricky and time-consuming task, but actually it’s not as hard as you might think. What’s more, there are several reasons why you might choose to grow from seed, so why not incorporate planting from seed into your landscape gardening ideas?


Why Should you Grow Plants from Seed?


There are several reasons why you might choose to grow plants from seed. Firstly, it’s often cheaper to grow from seed than buying partially grown plants as you’ll get many more plants for your money. And if you have children, growing plants from seed is a great way to introduce them to the whole life cycle of a plant.


One of the biggest reasons you may choose to plant from seed is because there’s a huge variety of plants available from seed catalogues, giving you plenty of choice for your garden!


What Seeds Should I Choose?


As experts in landscape gardening services, we would suggest that beginners start with certain easy-to-grow seed choices. For example, excellent beginner options include green beans, basil and peas, or cosmos, poppies and sunflowers if you’d rather grow flowers than vegetables.


Remember that fresh seeds are more likely to germinate and grow than old or out of date seeds, so don’t leave seeds sitting in the shed for too long.


How do I Know When to Plant my Seeds?


All seed packets will come with a growing guide on the back which will give you a rough idea of when you can plant your seeds. Take note of whether they need to be planted indoors or outdoors and follow the instructions accordingly.


How Should I Plant my Seeds?


You may think there’s a complicated science behind successfully planting from seed, but there really isn’t. Just follow these simple steps:


Fill a seed tray or pots almost to the surface with compost

Moisten the surface of the compost

Sprinkle the seeds as evenly as possible over the top

Cover the seeds with a further layer of compost

Place in a warm place. A windowsill or within a greenhouse are ideal places to house your seeds.

Once the seeds begin to germinate, brush off any compost they’re pushing up with them to uncover the seedlings

When they begin to outgrow their pots, carefully transplant the seedlings into bigger pots. Transplanted seedlings should be kept in the shade.

Following the instructions on the back of the seed packet, plant out when big enough and at the right time of year.


Planting from Seed can Work Really Well Within your Landscape Gardening Ideas


Planting from seed is a great way of filling in any gaps within your garden, not to mention get you started with your very own vegetable patch. If you’re not sure how best to go about planting from scratch, companies specialising in landscape gardening services will be able to help.


Here at D&G Garden World, we have plenty of experience of planting from seed and can help to incorporate these ideas into your landscape gardening. Get in touch to see how we can help you to sow the seeds of your own landscape gardening ideas!