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How Create the Perfect Space for your Summer Outdoor Living

Alfresco living is one of the highlights of summer for many. With more and more of us seeing the value in our outdoor space, creating spaces for outdoor living is a popular way to enjoy our gardens. If you’re looking to get your garden ready for your summer outdoor living, here are our top tips for landscape gardening to help move your living space from the inside out. 

Set your garden landscaping ambitions

The first thing to do when creating space for your summer outdoor living is to decide on an area for your outdoor living. Whether this is a dining area, an outdoor seating area, or even a bit of both, you’ll need some hardstanding upon which to create your outdoor living area. 

This could be in the form of a patio or decking. Either will work well, and it really is down to personal preference which you choose. There are benefits and disadvantages to both, but as a general rule, decking is a quicker and easier construction which gives a natural look and feel to your garden but does require regular maintenance. Whereas a patio gives longevity but tends to be easy maintenance if you opt for good quality paving. 

Choose your prime landscaping area

Choose an area for your new outdoor living space, and then commission an expert in landscape gardening services to create the space for you. Again, where you site the space is personal preference. For example, do you want your new patio to be close to your house for easy access, or would you rather it caught the early evening sun, even if that means that it’s further away from your property? It’s worth consulting experts in landscape gardening early on in the process, in case they foresee any hurdles which sway your decision as to where to site it. 

Consider framing your garden landscaping features

If you already have an area for outside living which you just wish to brighten up, or if you want to screen your outdoor living space from the rest of your garden, then you might wish to think about ways complement it. For example, a pergola can really help to frame your decking or patio area. It can also provide screening and privacy should you require it, as you can train climbing plants to grow against it.

Alternatively, trellis can be used both behind and to the sides of your outdoor living space to screen it and brighten it up. Use wisteria, clematis and passion flowers to add some colour to the area. Remember that when it comes to landscape gardening ideas, an expert in landscape gardening services will be able to both install the hard landscaping for you and plant climbing plants accordingly. 

Add the finishing touches to your garden landscaping

Once you have landscaped your garden you can then add the finishing touches. This could be beautiful wooden or rattan furniture, large throw cushions and outdoor beanbags, potted plants and raised flowerbeds, or even a pizza oven or outdoor kitchen. 

Don’t forget the lighting in your outdoor living space. Just think all of those balmy summer nights when you need something to brighten up your outdoor living space. Whether this is quirky festoon lights or hard-wired low level lamps, adding lighting to your outdoor living space will help to set the mood for summer nights alfresco. 

Want to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space? Get in touch with your local landscape gardening experts D&G

No matter how you want to use your outdoor living space, or what type of garden landscaping and planting you require, experts in landscape gardening services can help you to get it right. Here at D&G Garden World, we can help bring your landscape gardening ideas to life, from patios and decking to plants to pergolas. Get in touch today to see how we can help you really enhance your outdoor living this summer.