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How to Create a Low Maintenance Landscaped Garden in Time for Summer

Ready to enjoy the summer in your garden, but not quite prepared for all the lawn mowing, weeding and general maintenance that a garden demands? Creating a low maintenance garden ready for the summer months ahead could be the answer you’re looking for. Here are some landscape gardening ideas to give you the summer garden you desire with very little maintenance going forward. 

Raised Flowerbeds

Raised flowerbeds can give an almost instant splash of colour within your garden, and they’re also great for easy maintenance. Because they’re raised, they’re easy to reach should you have any mobility issues, easing the stress on your back, joints and muscles. 

Furthermore, they’re a great solution if you live in an area with poor soil, such as the heavy clay of Essex, as they can be filled with good quality compost before planting. Raised flowerbeds can also be situated close to your house, which makes them easier to look after and water. Ask local experts in landscape gardening services to plant your raised flowerbeds with hardy, easy to maintain perennials to ensure your garden is full of simple-to-look-after colour year after year. 

Artificial Turf

Is there anything easier to maintain than artificial turf? Unlike a real lawn, there’s no mowing or watering required, and a good quality artificial turf will look lush and green year-round. 

In terms of maintenance, artificial turf will only require the regular removal of leaves with a leaf blower or a plastic rake, and you may wish to apply a weed killer twice a year to stop any weed growth. You can also clean your lawn with an artificial turf spray, should you feel the need to do so. 

Courtyard Garden

If you only have a small amount of outdoor space, have you considered a courtyard garden in order to save on maintenance? Ask your landscape gardening contractors to either create a stunning patio garden or a decking area for you and then fill it with colourful pots and containers. Be sure to include a secluded seating area and mood lighting to create a cosy, colourful courtyard garden. 

Rockery Garden

Rockeries are making a huge comeback, especially as succulents and alpines are very much in fashion at the moment. Rockeries are great for areas of your garden which you’re struggling to maintain, and succulents and alpines require very little looking after once they’re established. Ask your landscape gardening contractors to create a rockery with different sized rocks and boulders and then add colour through trailing plants such as aubrietia, rock roses and daisies.

Ready for more Low Maintenance Landscape Gardening Ideas? Talk to D&G Garden World. 

If you’d like a low maintenance garden ready for the summer months ahead, get in touch with D&G Garden World. Whether you’re looking for a large landscaping makeover – such as laying artificial turf or constructing decking – or you just require a small area to be made over with a rockery or raised flowerbeds, we can help. Get in touch today and enjoy your garden with little work this summer.