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Garden Design Trends for 2020

With summer just around the corner, you may be thinking about the landscaping and design of your garden. There’s more to a beautiful garden than just mowing the lawn and keeping it weed free; your garden should be seen as an extension of your home and designed accordingly. With this in mind, here are our top garden trends for 2020. 

Garden Design Trends 2020: An Extension of your Home

We’ve already said that good garden design trends should make your outdoor space an extension of your indoor space. Well, in 2020, with so many of us grateful for any outdoor space we have, your garden really is becoming an extension of your indoor living space. 

Think about what you need from your home and your garden the most. Is it a space for dining and entertaining? Is it a relaxing seating area? Or perhaps a children’s play area? Then use the answer to this as the basis for your design. For example, when it comes to patio design trends 2020, many people are opting for a patio straight outside their home’s French doors, or leading off of the kitchen, ready for easy access for al fresco dining. 

Garden Design Trends 2020: Grow your Own

With many of us choosing the good life or moving towards veganism, growing your own vegetables will be a big garden design trend. And the good news is, you don’t need lots of space in order to do so! 

If you have a container garden, grow strawberries in pots, tumbling cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets and herbs in upcycled containers. In larger gardens, why not turn a dedicated area over to vegetable growing using raised flowerbeds? 

It doesn’t need to be an unattractive, functional area, either. String festoon lights across the top, introduce archways, trellis and tepees for climbing plants as hard landscaping structures and perhaps a brightly coloured shed with a bistro dining set outside, and you’ll want to spend plenty of time in your veg patch. 

Garden Design Trends 2020: A Garden for Everyone

In 2020, your garden space will be for everyone, young and old. A garden of any size can be multifunctional, and if you have children, giving them a dedicated area to play in is a good idea. 

In a small courtyard garden, you could include a sandpit with a retractable cover, or a blackboard wall with chunky garden chalks. In a larger garden, the world is your oyster, but in any space, big or small, we would encourage somewhere where the kids can be introduced to the world of gardening. 

2020’s gardens will be for all generations to enjoy together, and as such, choose an area that children can tend to. This could be some containers in front of their chalkboard, or a whole vegetable bed which is theirs to do as they please with. Encourage them to grow vegetables that they like and would like to try, as well as flowers for cutting. And include a small seating and storage area, if space allows, for them to keep their special garden equipment and toys in. 

Garden Design Trends 2020: Crazy Paving

When it comes to patio design trends 2020, crazy paving is back. Who would have thought that the irregular, eccentric paving slabs of crazy paving would be making a comeback? Well, they are, and they’re giving patios a rustic, authentic feel. Team your crazy paving patio with a real stone wall around a raised flowerbed, and you’ll have the perfect Cotswold garden feel. 

Garden Design Trends 2020: Go Bold or Go Home

Bold will be better this year. When it comes to top garden trends for 2020, bold colours are in, bold hard landscaping and big, bold blooms, too. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and be brave with bold garden design in 2020, get in touch with D&G Garden World. We can bring the top garden design trends for 2020 into your garden in Hornchurch, Upminster and Brentwood this summer.