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Garden Landscaping Ideas for Long, Narrow Spaces

Long, narrow gardens are often seen as problematic in terms of garden design. Their narrow width can make it feel like it’s difficult to landscape them or fill them with plants and flowers in any meaningful way. However, there are plenty of great ideas for garden design for long narrow gardens which can really open up the space. 

What’s Important when it comes to Design ideas for Small Narrow Gardens?

The key to successful garden landscaping ideas for long, narrow gardens is to remember that every inch of space counts. It’s important to use your space wisely, and this means getting it right from the start. 

Aspects such as making sure that your raised flower beds are in the right spot and having a path whose breadth doesn’t overpower the space need to be considered, as well as making sure that any trees and shrubs aren’t too big for the room available. This is why it’s a good idea to get a specialist in landscape gardening services to landscape your garden and create the best possible space for you in what you have available. 

What Garden Landscaping Ideas Should be Considered for Long, Narrow Gardens?

When it comes to garden landscaping ideas for small narrow gardens, it’s important to consider the lines that you’ll create with your landscaping. Often, long, thin gardens don’t have enough space to be able to take flower beds on either side of the garden; therefore, you may decide to have a flower bed which runs along one side, bordered by a pathway, and then lay the rest of the remaining side of the garden to grass up until the opposite boundary. 

Similarly, don’t feel that your garden should be straight up and down just because it’s narrow. Often, introducing curves alongside a one-sided flowerbed, for example with a slightly curved path at the end of the garden, around a tree or seating area, will soften the space and open it out. 

What Materials Work well in Garden Design for Long Narrow Gardens?

Creating unity is key in making sure that your long, narrow garden doesn’t become overwhelmed and cluttered. The way to do this is to use materials which work in harmony with one another through a similar use of tone. Too many different colours will make the space look disjointed, so choose one tone and then pick a pathway, patio paving and fencing which all work within that tone. 

Can I Incorporate Different Zones within my Garden Landscaping Ideas?

Yes! Different zones work well within a long, narrow garden. You can divide the garden up using different seating areas or benches, by incorporating a vegetable patch or a meadow garden, or through different areas of hard landscaping. It’s almost like having several gardens all rolled into one! 

Who can I Turn to for Garden Design for Long Narrow Gardens?

For trusted and experienced garden design for long, narrow gardens, get in contact with D&G Garden World. We can transform what may seem like an unimaginative space into a beautiful garden which will make use of every tiny scrap of space. Get in contact today, and let us breathe life into your long, narrow garden.