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Top 10 Patio Design Ideas

Designing a patio can feel like a big undertaking. Hard landscaping is, after all, designed to be in place for years to come once installed. But it’s easy to get it right with inspiration from some great patio design ideas. Here are our top 10 considerations and patio design ideas to help you get it right. 

1.     How do I Design a Patio? Getting it Right from the Start

The key to getting a patio right is all in the planning and design. You may want to consult or instruct specialists in landscape gardening services to create the design and do the planning work for you, so that you know you’re getting it right straight away.

Think about where you want to site your patio. Close to the house or in a spot further down the garden that receives more sunshine? How do you intend to use your new patio, and will any furniture that you wish to use on it fit in the intended space?

It’s important to think about space and to also look at the zones of your garden, as well as thinking about the materials you want to use and how they’ll work with your home. Get these aspects right, and you’ll have designed the perfect patio. 

2.     What Works Well for Large Patio Ideas?

Large patio design ideas often incorporate aspects of alfresco living. Alfresco dining is an obvious choice, but have you thought about using your large patio area as a relaxing space for chilling out? Large patios can easily accommodate an outdoor sofa and matching coffee table, for example. Add plenty of large throw cushions or beanbags too to soften the space and make it inviting. Colourful containers and outdoor lighting will complete the look. 

3.     And what works well for Small Patio Ideas?

Small patios are great in courtyard gardens and make the perfect bistro nook. Create a cosy little space to enjoy a coffee of a morning (or a gin in the evening!). Keep the area light and airy with neutral colours and light paving stones, and then set up your bistro area ready to enjoy. A living wall behind the space can inject some green into your patio area if you so wish. 

4.     Are Simple Patio Designs a Budget Friendly Option?

Simple patio designs are always going to be a cheaper option than something more complicated, especially if you choose budget friendly paving stones. Your landscape gardening specialists can advise on what paving stones will be within your budget. However, bear in mind that there are often other costs that you need to consider, such as new planting around your new patio. 

5.     Are there Good Design Ideas for Complete Patio Gardens?

If you have a small garden or a courtyard garden, then you may wish to pave the entire space. If you do go down this route, choose a good quality paver which will stand the test of time. We’d advise choosing a colour which is an extension of the colours and textures of your indoor space if possible; this will help the garden to feel like an extension of your home and a usable space. Fill it with containers and climbing plants to ensure that the space doesn’t feel claustrophobic. 

6.     How do I Choose Materials for my Patio Design Ideas?

There are plenty of options available when it comes to the materials to fulfil your patio design ideas. It’s important to research these and discuss them with your landscape gardening experts, as whether you opt for concrete, porcelain or natural stone, each will have their own benefits and disadvantages. 

7.     How can I Zone my Garden using Patio Ideas?

A patio is a great way to create different areas within your garden. It will naturally differentiate part of your plot, and usually as an area for dining or seating. However, you can also create a zone within your patio, too; split levels and stepped areas, combined with plants, paving circles and walls are an excellent way of adding interest into your garden landscaping. 

8.     How can I Add my Own Unique Style into my Patio Ideas?

Whether you opt for simple patio designs or something fancier, you can definitely put your own personality into the space. Want something rustic? Use large rough-edge pavers and allow a little bit of space for grass to grow in between; this will give a giant stepping stone effect which is soft and natural. It can always lead onto a more formal patio finished with Adirondack chairs or deck chairs if you’d like a more traditional patio area, too. 

Tiles are also a great way to stamp your personality on the space. Opt for something Mediterranean style if you’d like to feel like you’re on holiday on your new patio or monochrome tiles if you want something more dramatic. 

9.     Is it Easy to Incorporate Lighting into my Patio Design Ideas?

Yes! It’s really easy and a great idea to incorporate lighting into your patio design ideas. Festoon and fairy lights are a really easy way to add lighting to your patio space, but you can also ask your landscape gardeners to include more permanent lighting which can be hardwired into the design. 

10. How can I make my Patio Look Nice?

This is the fun part! Choosing furniture which fits well within the space and which complements the tones of your paving stones is part of it, as is choosing colours for any soft furnishings you wish to include, adding lighting and, of course, a planting scheme!

But the easy part? Getting D&G Garden World involved. We can help you to make your patio look stunning from the off; our experts in garden landscaping can help to plan and implement your patio to the highest standard, to give you the patio you’ve been dreaming of.