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Garden Landscaping Ideas with Stones

Using stones in your landscape gardening is an excellent way of creating interest within your outdoor space. When combined with plants and greenery, not only can they look strikingly effective, but they can also be a really low maintenance landscape gardening option. Here are several questions and design ideas for gardens using garden stones. 

What do you do with garden stones?

Garden stones are a versatile option for your landscape gardening. Garden designs with pebbles can include using them to create pathways or borders. They can be used as part of water features, or instead of a patio. If you’d like to use pebbles and garden stones within your landscaping, search for a specialist in ‘landscape gardening near me’ and ask to see their portfolio of designs which incorporate stones. You’ll have plenty to choose from! 

What are the best stones for garden landscaping?

Depending on how you plan to use your garden stones will determine which type of stone you use. For example, slate can be used almost everywhere: in plant pots, for pathways, in rockeries and within borders, and even within or near water features. It comes in a variety of colours, although you do have to remember that it does turn a darker shade when wet, so bear this in mind if you are working towards a specific colour scheme for your garden.

Flint is a durable stone which can therefore be used on pathways, as is Cotswold chippings, but you need to be careful with Cotswold stone and limestone around plants that thrive in a more acidic soil.

Pebbles come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of colours and materials, too. Marble, Quartz and Dolomite are all popular choices which come in a variety of colours. Bright white pebbles are often used in borders and pots for contrast. Paddlestones are flat and fairly smooth, and can be used to create decorative features, such as the stacked stone sculptures often seen at the seaside. And don’t forget that rockery stones can add great interest and make the perfect setting for alpines and succulents. 

Can plants grow through pebbles?

Yes! Plants can easily grow through pebbles. Garden designs with pebbles can include lots of common planting ideas. Verbena, Creeping Phlox, Dwarf Zinnias, Dianthus and bulb flowers can all grow well through pebbles. It’s worth remembering, however, that pebbles can get a lot hotter than soil when warmed by the sun, so speak to your specialists in landscape gardening services about finding a suitable location within your garden to create such an area. 

Don’t forget that the traditional rockery is making a huge comeback. Rock garden landscaping ideas can really add structure to your garden, especially as they often add height to your planting as the rocks are built upwards and the plants are grown in between. Talk to your landscape gardening company about rock garden ideas and they’ll help you to create the perfect rockery for your outdoor space. 

Want to learn more about landscaping with rocks and pebbles?

If you want to learn more about design ideas for gardens which incorporate rocks, pebbles and stones, get in contact with D&G Garden World. We have all sorts of ideas which incorporate garden stones and decorative aggregates. So whether you want to use stones throughout your garden or just within a certain area, we can help. Get in touch and let us make your garden a little more rock and roll!