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Top 6 Plants for Winter Colour

As the skies become greyer and our summer plants die down, the garden can start to look a little bare. However, there are plenty of hardy winter plants which can bring a burst of colour into your garden during the winter months. As experts in landscape gardening, here are our top plants for winter interest. 

What plants grow in winter UK?

There are many different types of plants which grow in the winter in the UK. Cyclamen, snowdrops and pansies are classic choices, and are just some of many which can be added to your garden to make it look less bare this winter. 

Some plants add colour, whilst others can make your garden look more interesting in other ways.

If you’re looking to add interest to your garden, there are certain hardy winter plants which will add more interest than colour. For example, helleborus niger, or Christmas rose, is a great choice for flowering at Christmas time and into January. Its large, round flowers are white, but it also presents lush deep green foliage to add a spark to your winter garden. Stachyurus Praecox is also a great shrub to add intrigue, as it has beautiful drooping flowers which are popular with pollinators. 

On top of these options, there are many other shrubs and plants that add colour and interest into a winter garden. 

How to bring colour to a winter garden?

When it comes to colour, as experts in landscape gardening, our favourite plants to add colour are:

Pansy: With large blooms offering a variety of colours, pansies are an easy to grow plant in flowerbeds, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets.

Primrose: Primroses offer continuous flowering over the winter months and again come in an array of colours.

Viola: A more delicate option than pansies and primroses, violas give an abundance of dainty blooms throughout autumn and winter.

Cyclamen coum: Cyclamen coum will fill your garden with colour in January and February with their delicate little blooms. They also self-seed to create a carpet of blooms year after year with minimum maintenance.

Wallflower: Wallflowers are a rustic favourite and are therefore great for relaxed flowerbeds. Choose a variety such as ‘Sugar Rush’ to ensure blooms right through to autumn, rather than the traditional spring wallflowers.

Winter heather: Often used to add structure to a garden, winter heather is a great choice for bursts of colour in winter containers. 

What can I plant now for winter colour?

There are some plants that can be added to your garden now for instant winter colour. Pansies, primroses and violas are a great choice, as is winter heather.

Other plants need more forward planning, such as cyclamen and wallflowers. Snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils are also a welcome sight as winter starts to give way to spring.

It’s a good idea to plan your planting accordingly so that as one flower dies off, another comes into bloom. Speak to experts in landscape gardening services if you’re unsure how to go about doing this. 

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