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4 Top Ways to Attract Birds Into Your Garden

For many of us, part of the joy of having a garden is the simple things in life: the sun on our faces, the calm serenity of nature, and the beautiful sound of birdsong. However, with urban areas becoming more and more built up, you might be hearing more traffic and town life than wildlife. If this is the case for you, it’s easy to attract birds into your garden. Here’s how to attract birds into your garden.

1.    Provide natural food sources

One of the best ways to attract wild birds to your garden is to provide natural food sources within your garden. The way to do this is to include plenty of plants and shrubs in your garden that produce berries. These could include rowan, holly and hawthorn, which not only provide plenty of berries but also provide shelter for birds. Sunflowers, and other plants which produce an abundance of seeds, are another great choice.

Lawns are also a great source of food for birds, providing them with the means to find insects and worms, so if you are able to turn an area over to lawn, this will help to attract garden birds. It’s worth speaking to your landscape gardener as to whether there is an area that will lend itself well to a grass and work well as a lawned area.

2.    Provide supplementary food sources

This is one of the easiest ways to attract birds into your garden, especially as your bird feeder could be something as simple as a home-made feeder. However, you can also purchase ready-made feeders which are easy to fill and maintain.

Bird food that you can use to attract wild birds into your garden include mealworms, suet balls and peanuts. If you set up more than one feeding station, you may attract several species into your garden. Site your feeder out of immediate predator danger – such as next to a tall hedge or tree – and once the birds know that your feeder is there, they’ll be flocking to your garden.

3.    Provide shelter and nesting sites

As well as providing berries for wild birds, it’s worth planting shrubs and trees that will provide a home and shelter for wild birds within your garden. This will make it an attractive place for them to nest. All of the above shrubs and bushes will help with places for birds to make their home within your garden, but you can also provide supplementary nesting boxes for garden birds.

Make sure to site any nesting boxes away from potential predators. Remember to site it out of direct sunlight, and where it will be protected from strong winds, too. There are a wide variety of nest boxes available on the market, from open fronted nest boxes ideal for wrens or robins, to the classic small-holed nest boxes, perfect for a wide variety of garden birds.

4.    Provide fresh water

This is an easy point to forget when it comes to how to attract birds to your garden, but it’s also one of the easiest to rectify. Birds use water for both drinking and bathing in, so it’s worth setting up a bird bath in your garden; ask your landscape gardening experts if this is something that you can include as part of your hard landscaping ideas. Water features such as a bird bath can certainly lend a whimsical air to your garden, especially when teamed with visits from our feathered friends!

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