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6 Ways to Save Money with Gardening

 Gardening doesn’t need to be expensive. Whether you’re growing your own vegetables to save on supermarket spending or planting from seeds rather than buying expensive plants, there’s lots of money saving tips that you can follow to reduce the costs of your garden landscaping. 

Make your own compost

 Bags of compost can quickly become expensive if you’re using lots within your garden landscaping. So why not make your own? Mix in kitchen waste including fruit and vegetable scraps with grass cuttings and dead leaves with perhaps some shredded paper and ground coffee to make your very own organic compost. It’s free and great for the soil too!

Grow plants from seed

 Whether you’re growing flowers or vegetables, it’s far cheaper to grow from seed rather than buying established plants. You can find packets of seeds often at discounted prices from supermarkets and most general stores.

It will take time and a bit of effort to start the seeds off in a propagator or greenhouse, but it will be worth it for the money that you save. 

Consider the type of plants

If you’re looking for new garden landscaping ideas but don’t want to spend too much money, then consider the type of plants you use. Perennial plants come back every year and will save you money in not having to replace them. Perennials which naturally re-seed themselves or spread are a good money saving option too. By dividing your perennials every few years and re-planting them, you’ll get more free plants.

Choose native plants in your garden landscaping. Species that grow naturally in your area will need less maintenance and you’ll avoid costs such as extra watering and fertilising products to support them grow. 

Don’t buy new

With gardening, there’s very little reason to buy new. You can get gardening equipment like spades, shears and hoes very cheaply second hand. Keep an eye on upcycle websites or local Facebook gardening groups as well as Facebook sales where people often advertise their unwanted items.

Re-use your seed trays and plastic plant pots. You can even re-use ordinary household items such as old containers or unwanted plastic packaging to help you with your garden landscaping ideas. The possibilities are endless! 

Keep on top of pruning

Overgrown trees or shrubs can make your garden landscaping look neglected. Keep on top of your pruning to keep plants looking neat and tidy. You’ll  save money by not having to splash out on replacing expensive plants. 

Use mulch

Using mulch on your flowerbeds will save you money. Mulch holds the moisture in the soil, so you don’t have to spend as much time or money on watering your plants. Mulch also means you’ll get less weeds growing through, so you won’t need to spend money on weed killers.  Finally, if you use organic mulch such as leaves and wood chippings, the mulch will breakdown over time and improve the richness of your soil meaning you won’t have to waste money on fertilisers. 

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