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How to Make the Most of a New Build Garden

Just moved in to a new build home? No doubt you’ll have a blank canvas of a garden, probably a big square of turf or perhaps even gravel. So where to start with it? If you’re struggling for ideas on how to tackle a new build garden from scratch, read on for our op ideas.

Create plans

Rather than rushing straight in and adding pots or digging out beds, take some time to ascertain what you have and make some plans. Measure your space, and either draw it out or use some garden design software.

Think about what you’d like to achieve from your garden, and divide it up into zones that meet all your needs. This could be a children’s play area, an adults-only entertaining space, a spot for a shed or summerhouse, a patio or decking area or a water feature for example.

Think about how you will travel around the garden, and what pathways you will need and whether they will be paved or use stepping stones. And of course you’ll want to plan out your planting so that it suits the conditions, whether shady or sunny, windy or protected, and the soil type.

You may also wish to follow a theme for your garden, which could be anything from courtyard to English country garden, Mediterranean or tropical. You could gather some ideas from internet sites such as Pinterest for inspiration.

Sort your soil

The quality of soil in a new build garden is often poor, generally full of rocks and rubble. You’ll at very least need to dig it over, but you may need a rotavator to help condition and prepare the soil for planting. These can be hired from most high street garden supplies outlets.

For the areas you intend to plant, you will need to enrich the soil with compost or top soil together with some bone meal. If you are not quite ready to plant just yet, protect the area with mulch such as bark chippings to prevent any weeds getting through and to keep the nutrients intact.

Get planting

Now the fun starts! Choosing plants is one of the best parts of planning out a new garden from scratch. Be sure to choose plants that work for the conditions and soil, and make a plan so that you have colour and interest year-round.

You’ll want some instant colour, so choose in-bloom bedding to suit the season to get you started, then think about a few fast growing species such as Buddleia.

You can also use planting to soften borders, and create privacy, which is sometimes missing in a new build garden. Shrubs and trees are good for this purpose, just be sure to choose species that suit the space in terms of the spread and height to which they will grow. Climbing plants such as honeysuckle or jasmine will help to brighten boring walls or fences, and will provide a beautiful scent in the warmer weather too. 

If your soil isn’t particularly good, opt instead for pots, and plenty of them in a range of sizes and styles to suit your theme or personal preference.

If you’re not sure about whether you’ll have time to maintain your lawn, or it’s not looking as lush now as it was when you first moved in, have a think about replacing it with artificial grass. With no weeding, mowing or watering, it can prove a wise long term investment, as well as avoiding that unsightly mud in the winter.

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