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Low Maintenance Garden Landscaping Ideas

When you’re landscaping your garden, you may want to consider just how easy the finished product will be to maintain. If like most you are more for enjoying your garden than working on it, you may find the following low maintenance garden landscaping ideas helpful.

Natural stone patio

A single patio or a series of linked patios not only looks attractive in a garden, but also serves a practical use as the ideal place to put a table and chairs, seating area or barbecue.

Choose natural stone such as slate, limestone or flagstone, and you’ll be pleased you made the investment when it comes to maintaining them, as it’s very straightforward to keep them clean, and they weather very well.

Wooden decking

Replacing a lawn with wooden decking will get rid of all that mowing and weeding that you are tired of. What’s more, a deck will provide the ideal entertaining space.

Easy to clean and simple to take care of with a periodical stain or wood treatment, decking provides the perfect solution if you have an uneven or sloping garden. A raised deck leading from patio or bi-fold doors, with a staircase dropping down onto a patio below, makes for an attractive yet highly practical outdoor space.

Artificial lawn

Another option if you’ve had enough of mowing and weeding and are fed up with mud being traipsed through the house when it’s been raining, is an artificial lawn. As low-maintenance gardening goes, fake grass has to be one of the most popular choices. Even the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has backed artificial grass to ease garden maintenance!

The great thing about a synthetic lawn is that you can combine it with other garden landscaping features, such as paths and patios, to create a very appealing finish. It’s a great place for kids and pets to play as it’s perfectly safe and easy to clean. Plus with no more weeding, seeding, watering or mowing required, you’ll have spare funds to invest in making your outdoor space look even prettier.

Low maintenance landscape gardening from D&G Garden World

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