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Secure your fence for the winter

Have you checked your garden fences recently? As they form the background to your garden, and are often hidden behind plants, it’s all too easy to forget about them, until there is a problem that is. To preserve your privacy, security and peace of mind you should make sure they are always in good condition.

Prevention is better than cure, and regular inspections will enable you to deal with small faults while they are still repairable. At the very least, it is advisable to have a good look at your fences in autumn, before the winter storms arrive.
Is every post firm, and are all the fittings securely fastened? Are there any loose or broken planks? If you’re unable to do any repair work yourself, it is well worth calling in a reputable fencing company. It’s far easier and cheaper to have one section of fencing repaired or replaced than to delay and risk more extensive damage occurring.
To stand up to British winters, a fence needs to be well constructed from good quality materials. If you need a new fence that will last through many years of wind, rain and frost, choose a professional company that takes a real pride in its standard of work and will be able to advise you on the best type of fence for your garden’s situation.
Unfortunately, even the sturdiest fence can be damaged by a severe gale. And if you are unlucky enough to be in the path of one of the 35 or so tornados that are reported in the UK each year it is highly unlikely that your fences will survive such a battering completely intact.
Although you can’t avoid such extreme events, you can minimise their effects by finding a local company that offers an emergency fencing service before you actually need it. Hopefully, you’ll never have to call, but having the contact details of someone you can trust to deal with emergency fence repairs quickly and efficiently can be very reassuring.