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Check Your Fences for the Winter!

With the onset of winter comes the necessity of securing your fences so that they can handle the blustery seasonal weather. Although most of your garden duties can be relaxed over this period, it is important to make sure your garden and home are secure by examining your fencing to ensure it can withstand wind and storms.

If your fence is damaged, your security as well as your privacy is compromised. It is therefore vital that you have it professionally repaired as soon as possible, to minimise any risk. Winter weather always brings high winds and storms which are responsible for the majority of damage caused to fences.

D&G have the skills and experience which are necessary to safeguard your fences from the threats posed by the seasonal conditions. We cannot predict the weather, but we can ensure that your property is kept secure by strong and reliable fencing.

Make Sure Your Fence can Withstand the Weather

We advise you to examine your fence for wear and tear as well as rot and damage, so that you can spot any problems early on. It is a good idea to check the posts as well, as these are vital to the stability of the fence. If you find any problems, or if you are unsure of the durability of your fencing, it pays to have it fixed before any real damage occurs. After all, strengthening a fence will always be far cheaper than paying out for emergency repairs or a whole new fence.

Only Hire the Professionals for Your Fencing Needs

A decent fence should last for many years if it has been built using quality materials, professionally erected, and is properly maintained. So make sure you call in the experts if you would like some help protecting your fence from the winter weather, or if it has suffered any damage from the storms so far. D&G have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of fencing matters, and can ensure that your fence is ready for any forecast.

Do not leave your fence at the mercy of winter – call in the professionals to prevent any potential compromise to your security.