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Plastic Decking: the way Forward for Winter-Proof Decking!

 In the past, when installing garden decking, there’s always been the worry that come winter time, the wood will be slippery and possibly rotten. But nowadays, there’s a great new choice for decking which is made from a composite of plastic. This means that it’s a great option for winter proof decking!

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is often also called WPC decking, or plastic decking. This is because it’s made from a composition of wood and plastic, or in some cases entirely out of plastic. This means that the decking absorbs very little water, with an approximate 1% absorption rate, which makes it a safe, long lasting option.

Is Plastic Decking Aesthetically Pleasing?

Yes it looks just as good as wooden decking! The decks are made with that tactile look and feel of real wood in mind. It also maintains its colour, which means that there’s no fading or change of colour to the decks. Because it’s made from plastic, you can also achieve different looks to what you’d achieve with real wood, as there are a range of colours and styles available.

How is Plastic Decking Winter-Proof?

There are two main ways in which plastic decking is winter-proof. These are:

It is Slip Resistant?

Traditionally wooden decking can become slippery when wet, icy or if decks become rotten or mouldy. However, precisely because it’s made with plastic, the majority of the plastic decking products available have a non-slip grain embedded in the board of the surface. This means that they are extremely safe to walk on when wet or icy.

Does it Rot?

Unlike traditional wood decking, plastic decking or composite decking doesn’t rot. The low absorption rate means that it takes very little water on board, and remains tough and durable for its lifespan.

This means that it requires very little maintenance, unlike wooden decking which often needs to be treated before the harsh winter months set in. It also won’t become warped, or soft when subject to rain and snow. No more worrying therefore about putting your foot through a rotten deck!

In Summary

Plastic decking is an excellent option if your decking is situated directly as you step out of your house. If decking is unavoidable on exiting your house, then plastic decking is the obvious choice as an anti-slip option. Get in touch with D&G Garden World if you’d like to make sure your decking is winter-proof!