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3 Crucial Winter Garden Maintenance Things to do This Month

 During the winter months, it’s easy to forget about garden maintenance. It definitely takes more effort to get outside and make sure everything’s well in our outdoor space when it’s cold and grey, that’s for sure! But actually, ensuring that our outside space is well maintained during the winter months will make things easier when the warmer weather comes round.

The likes of debris clearance and jet washing your patio or driveway will also help to keep your garden in top shape and stop general wear and tear. Here are three jobs you should take care of this winter.

1. Clear Debris

The autumn can take its toll on a garden. With leaves and berries being dropped from the trees, and summer plants dying back, a lot of debris can be created. This can cause rot around the bottom of fence posts, and can cause moisture retention in any cracks in patios and driveways.

Make sure to clear any autumn debris regularly to avoid these problems, and to keep your garden looking tidy during the winter months. It’s especially important to clear any debris on patios or driveways before it has the chance to be covered by frost or snow, as this can cause cracks and fractures in the paving. Jet washing your patio after clearing debris will help to keep it clean during the colder months.

2. Store Outdoor Furniture

If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to store your outdoor furniture correctly. Put as much of it as you can under cover in sheds and garages, or if this isn’t possible invest in good outdoor covers for your furniture. Packing furniture away will also stop the aforementioned debris from gathering around the legs.

3. Clean Patios and Driveways

Before the weather turns particularly cold, it’s a good idea to jet wash your patio or driveway. Remove as much dirt as possible, as well as any weeds, moss and grass which have grown in any gaps or cracks in the paving. Leaving weeds in the cracks will allow moisture to settle in the cracks and if this freezes and expands it can cause damage to the patio.

Once you’ve jet washed your patio or driveway, if you do discover any cracks or have to remove any weeds, repair the gaps left over, to prevent moisture working its way in and causing damage once frozen.

If you’re unsure about carrying out winter garden maintenance yourself, it’s best to consult a professional garden landscaping and maintenance company. D&G Fencing can tidy your garden up ready for the winter months ahead, as well as jet wash your patios or driveway to keep it looking fresh and clean through the winter and beyond.