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Garden Jobs to Tackle this Winter

 Yes it’s cold and you may feel more like hibernating indoors than tackling your garden outside, but February really is a great time to go out into the great outdoors and show your garden some TLC. With the plants stripped back and the spring regrowth not yet making an impact, there’s nothing in your way to hinder your path to your fencing and decking.


Here are a few jobs that every keen gardener should tackle this winter, to ensure that their planting, decking and garden fence repair is at its best.

Check Fencing

It’s an obvious place to start, but it’s not always obvious how much of a toll the winter weather can take on your garden fencing. Check for any signs of rotting, any warped fence panels, any leaning fence posts or panels and any fence panels which have split or are obviously broken.


It’s a good idea to do the work now to repair your garden fence. Repair it now, and you won’t have to battle with it once the garden grows up for the summer, or before the onslaught of the inclement weather next winter.

Plan your Vegetable Patch

As well as planning what you’ll grow this Spring and Summer in your vegetable patch, you need to think about the maintenance of any fencing or borders surrounding your allotment area.


If it’s a new area that you’re turning over to crops, you may wish to fence the area entirely to zone it. Picket fencing is ideal for this. As it can help to shield and protect the crops, but also zone it from the rest of the garden. If you’re growing climbing crops, have you thought about erecting trellis or an arbour? It’s pretty yet practical.


It’s a good idea to get any practical planning for your vegetable patch underway now, and instruct a fencing specialist to erect any new fencing you may need so that your kitchen garden is ready to go once it’s time to sow your crops.

Attend to your Decking

If you have any decking in your garden, there are a few things that you may want to do before Spring really takes hold. These include the likes of:

  • Sweeping it regularly to remove any winter debris, and removing any debris caught between the planks with a putty knife.
  • Move any planters that were sat on the decking last summer slightly, to help avoid fading by the sun as the days get warmer.
  • Use a decking cleaner to remove any stubborn dirt, algae or moss. This should really be done twice a year, ideally in the Autumn and Spring, so later on this month or early next month is an ideal time to do this.
  • Trim any overhanging branches or plants.
  • Clear any nearby gutter and downpipes of leaves and debris, and check that they are in a good state of repair.
  • Once clean, apply a decking oil to your deck.

Remember that if you’re at all unsure about any new fence installations, or any decking or garden fence repair, Upminster and Brentwood gardeners should always ask for expert advice. D&G Fencing have a wealth of experience of preparing gardens in the area ready for the Spring and Summer months ahead, so why not get prepared now? Contact us today for more advice and a quote.