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Family Friendly Garden Landscaping Ideas

 Outside space is something that should be enjoyed by the whole family. Many families are therefore looking to find a compromise between the needs of the adults and the children, and would like to have a grown up area, as well as a safe space for the children to enjoy, too.


Is it possible to marry a children’s play area with a grown up landscaped garden? Yes, is the answer! And no matter what your tastes are, there are a variety of ideas to make a garden suitable for several generations.



Zoning is key when it comes to creating a multigenerational garden. By zoning areas, you can ensure that the children have one area and the grown-ups have another dedicated area. Easy ways to create zones in your garden include:


·        Garden fencing: use low level picket fencing, or screening, to separate areas.

·        Painting: if you have walls or fences around certain areas, why not paint them in different colours to distinguish what’s what?

·        Planting: the most natural way of separating different areas of the garden.


If you’re not sure what is the best way to zone your garden, speak to a professional garden landscape company for advice.



Something that often marks out an area of the garden as the ‘grown up area’ is a seating area. Don’t necessarily think that this will just consist of a dining area, although this is of course important for dining alfresco. How about some bench seating with scatter cushions dotted on top as a more informal relaxation area, or sun loungers for the ultimate way to rest whilst the kids play?


Add a large umbrella for the times when the sun becomes too much, and some lighting for summer nights, either in the form of lanterns or wired outdoor electric lighting. If you want to add an exotic feel to your seating area, include bright colours in the form of cushions or a painted wall. And if you want something low key and less intrusive but still distinguished as separate, why not raise the seating on decking to separate the area?



For slightly older children, one way of creating an area of the garden just for the kiddies is to give them their own little hideaway at one end of the garden. This could be in the form of a treehouse, a tepee or a fort.


By giving them their own special space, and involving them in the creation of this space in the form of its interior design and landscaping, they’ll love having an area which is just for them. Which will allow you to enjoy the rest of the garden in peace…



There’s a lot to be said for natural play areas. Many people plant with teaching nature to their children in mind, and if you have a mature willow tree, for example, little children will love running in and out of its hanging branches.


Why not plant shrubs such as buddleia and lavandula, both of which attract butterflies and bees, to teach your children about garden wildlife? Cosmos atrossanguineus – or chocolate cosmos, as it’s also known – is also a fun plant for children, with its rich chocolatey smell!


Get children involved in the gardening too by giving them their own area to grow vegetables and cutting flowers, and maybe include a mud kitchen. Keep the rest of your garden’s planting fairly wild, and use natural screening plants for adult seating areas to tie it all together.


There are so many ways that you can include both adult and child friendly areas of a garden. If you’re not sure where to begin, contact D&G Garden World for a family friendly garden landscaping quote.