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How to Create Mood Lighting in your Garden

If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, or even just admiring your garden from the comfort your home, you won’t want this to stop when the sun goes down. Gardens can take on a magical look and become rather atmospheric at night time, but they do need a helping hand in the form of mood lighting.

There are a variety of ways that you can add lighting to your garden, and by carefully considering your options, you’ll be able to highlight certain features and really make the most of your outdoor space by night.

Set the Scene for Al Fresco Eating

There’s often talk of zoning gardens into distinct areas, and a separate eating area is often one such zone to distinguish. Lighting can help to highlight an eating area, as well as give enough light to enjoy al fresco dining after dark.

An idea that we love is erecting a pergola over your seating area. Plant this with vines and climbing plants, and interweave festoon lighting amongst the trellis overhead. This gives a soft, Mediterranean feel to a garden, and is both rustic and chic in equal measures. Almost like a canopy of stars overhead!

Highlight Certain Features

Many people scoff at the idea of fairy lights in a garden, but actually they can really highlight certain features in a pretty, soft manner. For example, they can easily be wrapped around a tree trunk, or even dangled down in strands from the tree’s branches.

For something a little more permanent, speak to a garden landscape company about highlighting flowerbeds. Raised borders can be highlighted by installing waterproof tube lighting around the bottom of them, and even pathways can be illuminated with similar lighting options.

Layer Up

Layering is a technical term when designing a garden, and can be applied to the installation of lighting within it. When a garden is designed, a specialist garden landscape company will often add planting and visual aspects at different heights and levels, to make it more aesthetically pleasing. 

Adding lighting to this layering can be a great way to create outdoor mood lighting. Feel free to mix your lighting options up, too; install more permanent lights on the outside of garden rooms, solar lighting at various heights in flower beds, fairy lights on fencing and trellises and maybe even candles placed at the outer edges of steps?!

Flood your Garden with Light

If you want something which errs on the side of practical rather than pretty, then larger floodlight style lighting is great for illuminating whole areas of your garden. 

If you have an outhouse, garden room or a detached garage with a wall facing onto the garden, then consider asking your garden landscape company if they are able to arrange for an electrician to install a large light onto it. This type of lighting is great for parties on the terrace!

If you’re not sure where to start with outdoor lighting, why not speak to your garden landscape company about incorporating it into their vision for your garden? It’s a great way to consider what features you want to highlight. Contact us at D&G Garden World, as we can throw some light on what will work best within your outdoor space!