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How to get Creative with a Courtyard Garden

Any outdoor space is precious outdoor space. Yet many people wrongly believe that if you have a courtyard garden, there’s not much you can do with it. Creativity is the key to a beautiful courtyard garden, and you can actually go quite quirky in most small spaces and still get away with an area of beauty. 

Ready to get creative with your courtyard? Why not try these ideas for (small) size? 

Family Fun

Many families desire a bigger garden once their children start to be of an age where running off steam in an outdoor space is desired. However, if this simply isn’t an option, then you’ll need to get creative when incorporating the family’s needs into your courtyard garden.

 You’re unlikely to have the space for swings and slides, but how about a decked area with a sandpit sunk into a small space at one end? This will take up little room, and if you add some seating nearby, it’ll give you the chance to chill out together as a family. As the kids get older, why not add a basketball hoop up on a high wall? 

Living Walls

Creating a living wall is thought of as a contemporary, eco-friendly idea, but they are increasingly making their way into residential gardens and can even be a much simpler concept than you may think.

Those used by commercial designers are created by using plants which are rooted into a structure which is then attached to a wall; herbs, grasses, fruit and vegetables and herbaceous perennials are ideal for this, and a good garden landscape company will be able to help with the installation. Or, for a much simpler concept, why not add trellis to your courtyard garden walls and include climbing plants within your planting scheme? 

Colouring Up

Courtyard gardens with walls painted white are a blank canvas for a splash of colour. There are so many beautiful garden furniture sets around at the moment, why not opt for something colourful as your centrepiece?

A bright pink bistro set teamed with a sage green umbrella will really stand out. Then add colourful accessories – pom poms strung from the umbrella in oranges and yellows, bright red candle holders, a floral tablecloth etc – to pull it all together in an eclectic manner. 

Beach Dreams

Who hasn’t dreamt of owning their very own holiday home? So why not bring the beach to your outdoor space? Use large beach pebbles across the floor of your courtyard garden, add a small shed decked out in beach hut colours, use festoon lighting around the boundary and add some colourful bunting to create the courtyard beach dream! 

And now for Something Completely Different…

The beauty of courtyard gardens is that you can be really creative and yet still pull off an eclectically different outdoor space. Some of the crazier ideas we’ve seen have been bathtubs in the garden for al fresco bathing and hanging tub chairs reminiscent of all things 1960s! 

Of course, we don’t expect you to go that crazy if it’s not your style. But if you want to do something a little creative, don’t be put off. Speak to D&G Garden world to see how we could create a beautiful courtyard garden for you.