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How to Integrate the Latest Garden Trends into your Existing Landscape


With fashion, and even interior design to a certain extent, when trends change, it’s easy to update your look, or that of your home. But when it comes to your garden design? Well, you will likely be thinking that it’s a lot harder to update your outdoor space with the latest trends!


To a certain extent, you would be right. Obviously mature shrubs, plants and trees that have inhabited your outdoor space for many years really ought to remain, if they’re working for you. But there are easy ways to incorporate the latest in garden design trends so as to change the overall look and feel of your garden.

Trend 1: Al Fresco Dining


This isn’t just a new trend, if we’re being honest, as al fresco dining has always been popular. But there does seem to have been an upturn of late in the amount of people looking to install an outdoor kitchen, pizza oven, brick built BBQ or even a wine chiller in their garden.


This can be a relatively easy trend to incorporate into your existing design. If you have an area which is naturally your eating area, such as a patio or decking, then choose to site it there. Depending on what you’re looking to install, you may need plumbing, gas or electric in place; if so, ask your garden landscape company to instruct a qualified tradesman as applicable to carry out this work.


Remember to add smart outdoor seating – either a rattan coffee table set or a solid wood dining table are smart options – and don’t forget lighting: you don’t want to be cooking in the dark!

Trend 2: Wood Effect Tiles


Wood effect porcelain tiles are big business in garden design at the moment. They are hard wearing, do not scratch or stain and are heat resistant. If you’re looking to upgrade your patio or decking this year, why not ask your garden landscape company about the possibility of using wood effect tiles as a replacement?

Trend 3: Woodland Planting


We’ve seen a big trend towards incorporating woodland planting into garden design of late. This is relatively easy to include in an existing landscape in most cases. The likes of ferns, mosses, long grasses and anemones can be planted alongside existing mature shrubs, or in pots on patios to add interest.

Trend 4: Sustainable Gardens


Sustainability is big in all areas of our lives right now, and it’s easy to encourage this within your existing garden. Firstly, adding water butts and compost bins is an easy thing to do, and can be hidden from the rest of your garden with decorative fencing, or discreetly tucked into a corner of the garden.


Welcome birds, bees, bugs and bats into your outdoor space with bird boxes and bug hotels, alongside plants that encourage such wildlife. You can also choose sustainable materials for your hard landscaping, such as sustainable decking and fencing; speak to a specialist garden design company in order to source such products.


No matter what trend you wish to incorporate into your existing space, D&G Garden World can help. We have plenty of experience of designing trendy gardens in Upminster, Orsett, Hornchurch and Brentwood, so get in touch and see how we can update your outdoor space.