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How to Care for your Lawn in Hot Weather

With the UK recently experiencing a heatwave of proportions last seen in the 1970s, our poor old gardens may be suffering a little from lack of water. As much as we want to be outside during the summer months, it can be frustrating to see our lawns turning yellow as the dry spell continues.

Most lawns will bounce back once the autumn months arrive. Keeping it well maintained during the summer months, however, is key.


If there is no hosepipe ban and you’re not restricted too much by the cost of water, watering is the most important thing you can do for your lawn during the summer months. Choose a time of day when the water will soak in rather than evaporate - such as early in the morning or late at night when temperatures are at their coolest - and give it a deep water.

This means not sprinkling it with a light watering regularly, but actually giving it a good soaking, and, if possible, a feed at the same time. This will stop the lawn’s roots from becoming shallow and drying out during hot weather. Soluble feeds can be applied via a watering can.


If you need to mow your lawn, keep the blades on your mower long, and leave the grass clippings to drop on top of your lawn. This homemade mulch will slow down moisture loss and will help the soil to breathe.


Remove as many weeds from your lawn as possible. They will only compete with the grass for water, and during these dry spells, your lawn needs as little competition as possible! Try to hand weed, as weed killers could cause harm to your lawn during hot weather.


And if the worst comes to the worst? When the cooler weather comes around in the autumn, you can easily reseed patches that have seen better days. Hopefully keeping on top of the maintenance, even if you wish to conserve water and refrain from watering your lawn during the hot summer months, should be enough for most lawns to bounce back.

If you’re unsure about the maintenance you should be treating your lawn to during these hot summer months, get in contact with D&G Garden World. We have plenty of experience of caring for lawns across Essex, and can help you to see that the grass is greener again this summer.