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What is a Planting Plan and Why do you Need One?

If you’re a landscape gardener, you’ll know all about planting plans. However, if you’re an amateur gardener, you’ll be forgiven for wondering what a planting plan is, or why you could possibly need one!

A planting plan is a technical drawing used by landscape gardeners to plan how best to use the space available in terms of shrubs, flowers and foliage. It therefore ensures that your garden is bursting with colour and interest year round!

How does a Planting Plan Work?

Planting plans use symbols and colours for each type of plant being used within your garden, with a key to these labelled with the plant’s Latin name. Often, the planting plan will also give a concise description of each plant to be used, too. Not only does the planting plan show the variety of plants to be used within the space, but also the quantity and positioning for each area within your garden.

Professional landscape gardening companies will use the plants to complement features such as hard landscaping, and they will also take into account aspects such as how much sunlight enters the garden, if there are areas which are prone to being boggy, or if there is a zone which is perfect as a kitchen garden or vegetable patch, for example.

And don’t worry: we can also tailor the planting plan according to how much garden maintenance you’re willing to take on, and your level of gardening expertise!

What Happens Once the Planting Plan is Drawn up?

Once the planting plan has been drawn up, we’ll then agree with our client that they’re happy with what we’re proposing before work takes place. We will then set to work landscaping your garden and creating a heavenly space for you to enjoy.

Most planting plans will have a 3 – 5 year maturity scheme. This means that there will be some instant impact from the plants that we plant, but that your garden will really bloom, if you’ll excuse the pun, in 3 to 5 years time, once the plants have had room to grow and mature. 

Of course, if you require ongoing garden maintenance, many landscape garden companies will also offer this on a regular basis. This will really help to keep your newly planted garden looking its best.

If you’re looking to landscape your garden, get in contact with D&G Garden World. We’ll draw up a planting plan which will work within your outdoor space, and will plant your garden to perfection!