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Decking Ideas for Small Gardens

If you have a small garden, decking is an excellent choice. Many people choose to pave a small garden, or lay loose stones throughout, but decking is often a better option. Why? Well, it gives a small garden a much more natural look and feel.

Wooden decking blends well with plants – even those planted in pots – and this makes your outdoor space feel, well, exactly that: like an outdoor space, rather than something man-made. Not sure how to use your decking within a small garden? Here are a few options.

A Mediterranean Space

A small garden lends itself well to something slightly exotic. Paint the walls white, use light coloured deck boards, and add plenty of bright coloured pots overflowing with tumbling plants and vibrant blooms.

You might choose to deck the whole garden, but equally you can create an exotic feel by using just a slim strip of decking and then laying loose stones throughout the rest of the garden. You’ll feel like you’re on the shores of the Mediterranean in no time!

A Seaside Feel

Just like you can use decking to create a slightly exotic feel within your garden, you can also channel traditional seaside resorts with the use of decking. Deck throughout your bijou garden, using a light coloured deck board. Perhaps grey, white or maybe even a very light blue?

Add plenty of little touches, such as a brightly painted shed, bunting and fairy lights to create a tiny seaside retreat. And who said anything about that shed being used to house garden tools? Your low maintenance decked garden will mean that you can use it as a beach hut. Perfect for relaxing with a cuppa, a good book, or perhaps even a glass of wine!

A Cosy Entertaining Space

Don’t be afraid to use rich, dark colours for your decking within a small garden. By choosing a deep colour for your wooden decking, you can create a cosy, intimate feel. This is perfect if you do a lot of entertaining, as you can create a bijou outdoor entertaining space.

Choose a matching wooden table, and invest in brightly coloured accessories: think cushions, outdoor candles and lanterns and fiesta inspired table wear. Ask your garden landscape company to add plenty of outdoor lighting too, so as to add some atmosphere (and light!) to the space.

A Smart Balcony

If your outdoor space consists of a balcony or roof terrace, decking is perfect for this project! It instantly smartens up an area, and the use of non-slip decking can also add a safety aspect.

Decking is perfect for all types of small outdoor spaces, and so if you’d like to add decking to your small garden, get in contact with D&G Garden World. We are experts in adding decking to gardens of all size, and can make sure that your bijou garden is decked out to look its best!