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Have you Considered These Great Reasons to add a Patio?

Patios and paving are a great addition to any garden. Aside from the fact that they immediately smarten up and change the look of your outdoor space, there are several further reasons why you might wish to add a patio to your garden. If you’re already thinking of adding a patio to your garden, or even just sprucing up your existing paving area, here are just a few more reasons to persuade you:

Great Garden Design

The usual reason people add a patio to their garden is that it’s just incredibly good garden design. They add interest to your outdoor space, and on a practical level, patios make good sense for the area you step out onto as you immediately exit your house.

But don’t feel like you are restricted to installing a patio immediately outside your back door; if there’s an area of the garden which receives more sun, or naturally lends itself to a patio more, adding a patio elsewhere in your garden can create interest and zoning within your outdoor space.

Outdoor Entertaining

Those that entertain often will appreciate having a patio within their garden. The hardstanding of a patio gives a solid space upon which you can comfortably install either a dining table or an outdoor sofa and coffee table set. 

Patios are also a great space for friends and family to gather for drinks and parties. If you regularly host parties, then a patio is the perfect area for barbecues, birthday parties, baby showers, afternoon tea and pretty much any other outdoor entertaining you can think of!

Extending your Home

A patio can extend the living space of your home. For example, if you have a small kitchen, during the warmer months you can use your patio for outdoor cooking and eating.

Similarly, if you add comfortable furniture to your patio, it can also become a relaxing outdoor seating space to allow you to extend your living area in the summer months outside. Finish the look with some outdoor lighting so that you can use the area after dark if you so wish, too.

Whatever reason you’re thinking of adding a patio to your garden, make sure that you use an experienced landscape garden company to install the perfect patio for you. For great garden design, excellent outdoor entertaining and the potential to extend your living space, speak to D&G Garden World about adding a patio to your home. Or at the very least, ask us for even more great reasons why you should add a patio to your garden; we have plenty!