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4 Vegetables you can Grow in the Winter Months

For many of us, one of the joys of having a garden or outdoor space is being able to grow our own fruit and veg. There’s a real trend towards growing our own at the moment, and it’s easy to see why: you know that the food you’re producing is organic, you can save money by growing your own produce and, let’s face it, it’s seriously rewarding!

But did you know that your vegetable growing doesn’t have to be confined to the summer months? There are certain vegetables which you can grow year-round, or specifically in the winter months, and which will thrive during the cold spells. Here are some of our favourites:


A flavoursome favourite of many a household, you’ll be pleased to know that garlic is really easy to grow. It has a long growing season, so it can be grown year-round outdoors.

If you plant garlic now, you probably won’t be harvesting it until late summer, however, it’s one to plan ahead for and as it can be grown all year long, you can continue to plant bulbs ready to harvest during every season. Homegrown garlic usually has a very rich, full bodied flavour, so it’s well worth the wait. Oh, and it’s also said to keep winter colds at bay, not to mention those pesky vampires!

Brussel Sprouts

You’ll either love them or hate them, but if you are a lover of sprouts, planting now will give you an early crop ready for next autumn / winter. Alternatively, wait until March or early April so that you’ve got enough sprouts for Christmas dinner!


Another roast dinner favourite, parsnips can be sown as early as February, although some people prefer to wait for the slightly milder weather in March. The key to successful parsnip growing is to warm the soil before sowing with cloches or similar, and leaving them in place until the seedlings have developed at least two leaves.

Parsnips enjoy a sunny site, so if you have a particularly sunny or sheltered garden, you can certainly get going with this crop from February onwards.

Winter Salads

Salad isn’t just for the summer months, and in fact is a great crop to grow during the winter months as you can harvest the leaves and it’ll keep growing back to give you more! There are ready made salad seed mixes which can be grown in the greenhouse during the winter, and you can also plant land cress, mustard and lambs lettuce alongside your greenhouse salads.

Alternatively, perpetual spinach can be grown outdoors throughout the winter, and will keep you supplied with spinach leaves to add to your meals during the colder months.

Winter vegetables can be just as rewarding to grow as summer vegetables. Whether you have a dedicated vegetable patch, a greenhouse or patio containers to create a kitchen herb garden, most people can have a go at growing something edible. If you’d like to create space for vegetable growing in your garden, contact D&G Garden World to see how we can give you the good life this winter.