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How to Assess the Sun Conditions of your Garden so you can Plant Accordingly

Knowing how much sun our garden receives is vital if you don’t want to waste money on underperforming plants. But how can you work out how much sun your garden receives? Here’s how to assess the sun conditions in your garden and plant accordingly…

Know your Labels

First of all, it’s important to recognise that you need to read plant labels when purchasing new plants for your garden. In terms of the sunlight required for the plant to thrive, this will normally be divided up into three categories on the plant’s label as follows: 

  • Sun (or full sun)
  • Partial Shade
  • Shade (or full shade)

It’s important to follow the instructions on the plant’s care label and plant it in an area within your garden which corresponds to its needs. If you go against the plant’s advice, although the plant might not die, it certainly won’t thrive, and potentially won’t flower, produce fruit or even grow as well as it should, which isn’t a great return on your money.

How to Assess your Sun Conditions

Of course, even if you’ve read your plant’s care label, you may still be baffled as to whether your chosen plant will live a long and happy life in your garden. In order to assess how much sun your garden receives, think about how long the sun is on your garden for.

For a plant that requires full sun, your garden, or at least the area where you are planning on planting your chosen plant, needs to receive between six and eight hours of sunlight minimum, even during the shorter days of autumn and winter.

A partly shaded area of the garden will only receive between four and six hours of sunlight a day. And plants that do well within full shade need an area of the garden that receives between zero and four hours of sunshine a day. It’s important to remember that fully shaded areas of the garden don’t need to be in darkness all day long, so long as they receive less than four hours of sunlight a day.

Planting your Borders Accordingly

Of course, there are very few of us who own a garden which is bathed in sun in every nook and cranny all day long. Many of us have a garden with tricky patches of shade, and with borders which may receive morning sunshine but not late afternoon sunshine, have the shadow of a tree fall over them, or be cold and damp in the wintertime but sunny in spring and summer. 

It’s incredibly difficult to try to account for all of these factors without professional advice. This is why we’d advise talking to professional garden landscape company to have your garden redesigned to fulfil its full potential.

Why not get in contact with D&G Garden World? We are experienced at landscaping gardens throughout Hornchurch, Upminster and Brentwood with a range of sun conditions. We’ll produce a professional planting plan which will allow your garden to thrive no matter how much of a sun trap – or not – it is!