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Garden Jobs for Every Timeframe

No matter how much time you have, there is always enough time to get something done in the garden. So whether you have five minutes, five hours or five days, there are garden projects to suit the time you have available.

If you have Five Minutes in the Garden:

Five minutes in the garden is always well spent checking over all of your hard landscaping. Check for any cracks in fence panels, any slippage in fence posts and any stones that may be lifting on patios. Repairing any damage as soon as it’s spotted will help to keep your garden in overall good repair. 

If you know your hard landscaping is in good repair, then five minutes in the garden is always well spent tidying. Sweeping any dead leaves or debris away, weeding a small area of your garden, pulling out any dead bulbs or deadheading roses will make a huge amount of difference in a short space of time.

If you have Five Hours in the Garden:

A good five hours in the garden is well spent when looking after your lawn. Brush away any dead leaves or debris and gather these up for the compost. Then, give it a good mow, which will instantly smarten it.

Go over your lawn with a rake and create drainage holes by poking it into the ground. You may also want to apply a lawn feed; this will require a little bit of preplanning, and you may wish to split your five hours in half at a time, as you’ll need to water your lawn in its entirety a few days ahead of applying the feed with a lawn feed spreader. It’s also worth reseeding any bare patches of grass with grass seed.

A smart lawn will instantly lift a garden, so it’s worth investing a day or two half days into creating the perfect green space.

If you have a Weekend in the Garden:

A great weekend project is hard landscaping. Creating a patio area, for example, will instantly give you an entertaining space without having to invest a huge amount of time in it. You may also wish to think about archways and pergolas, and other projects which add interest within your garden.

And if you have no Time in the Garden?

If you have no time to invest in your garden, that’s what garden landscape companies are for! Here at D&G Garden World, we regularly landscape and maintain gardens in Upminster, Brentwood and Hornchurch, so whether you have no time to create the perfect garden space, or are just a little unsure about doing it yourself, get in touch!