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Jobs to do in the Garden this Easter Weekend

The Easter bank holiday weekend is often the first weekend that many of us get down and dirty with the gardening for the year. Whether you’re hitting the garden centre this Easter weekend or are ready to enjoy some time relaxing in your outdoor space, you’ll no doubt have work to do first.

Spring Clean

Giving your garden a spring clean, if you haven’t done so already, is a great job to get you started in the garden this Easter. Just as you would your house, start by sweeping any patio areas, jet washing decking and picking up any leaves or debris. If the weather’s dry, mow the lawn and trim back any bushes, and if you can face it, set to work with the weeds which have no doubt run amok over the winter months!

Check your Fencing

Now is the time to check your fencing. Hopefully the majority of the big storms are behind us as the spring weather makes its way in, so if you need to install new fencing or replace damaged fencing, now is the time to do so.

It’s a good idea to install new fencing over the Easter weekend whilst flowers and shrubs haven’t yet blossomed or grown to their full size, making access to areas that need to be fenced easier and it is less likely to cause damage to your borders.

If necessary, treat your fencing with an exterior paint or stain. By doing so, you’ll be ensuring a beautifully fenced garden ready for the summer months ahead!

Start Sowing Fruit and Veg

The Easter weekend is a great weekend to start sowing early vegetables, particularly in years when Easter is late. If you have a greenhouse, you should be fine to start sowing your veg, however if you’re planting in open ground which is still cold, you may need to cover it for a few days with black polythene in order to warm it up to get the best results. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather and apply fleece to your crop should there be the chance of any late frosts.

Plant Summer Bulbs

Now is the time to plant your summer bulbs. If you have some stored from last summer, go through them and remove any which are diseased or rotten, and visit a garden centre to replace any you’ve lost.

Check your Hard Structures and Furniture

Just as you should check your fencing, it’s also important to check any other hard structures in your garden. Check patios for cracks or lifted stones and have these replaced or fixed, and make sure that any trellis, arbours, arches or gazebos are still structurally sound. If necessary, paint or stain them ready to protect them from the hot months and any wet weather ahead.

Don’t leave garden furniture out of your checks, either; after all, you’ll want somewhere lovely to be able to sit and enjoy all of that hard work!

If you’re garden needs a tidy up this spring, get in touch with D&G Garden World. As expert garden landscapers, we can ensure that your garden is looking its best for the summer months ahead.