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How to Create Shade in your Garden

On those occasions when the British summertime doesn’t fail us and we are rewarded with a gorgeous summer’s day, having a little shade within your garden can really feel like a welcome sanctuary from the summer sun. A well-planned garden should have an area which is a little suntrap, as well as an area which provides some relief when things get too hot.

There are various ways to create shade within a garden depending on your needs and the look you’d like to achieve.

Canopies and Shade Sails

Purchasing a canopy or a shade sail is a pretty much instant way of creating shade in your garden. These can either be wall mounted or suspended from a freestanding pergola. The latter is especially useful if you want your shaded area to be away from the house.

Don’t forget that a canopy or sail will also protect you from any unexpected summer showers, as well as the sun’s rays. This is perfect if you are looking to shade an outside dining area, for example, as it will mean that if the heavens open, you won’t be diving indoors for cover!

Pergolas and Climbing Plants

For a more natural look which still has some structure to it, a pergola with climbing plants trained up and over it is ideal. This does, of course, take some patience and you may wish to instruct an experienced garden landscape company to not only erect the pergola itself, but plant the right type of climbing plants against it to give you the best shade.

The trick to creating a good amount of shade throughout the summer and making your pergola as pretty as a picture at the same time is to plant varieties of climbing plants that flower at different times throughout the season. Jasmine, Clematis and Wisteria are all good choices, as they are easy to grow, will climb your pergola well and, of course, will look lovely.

Creating Natural Shade

If you’re looking in the long term for shade, planting trees are a great option. Weeping willows, acers and poplars are all good choices for shade. Check with a professional garden landscaper regarding which trees will grow best in your garden conditions.

Whether you’re looking for hard landscaping options, or something a little more natural, there are several ways of creating shade within your garden. Speak to a professional and experienced garden landscape company regarding the best options to suit your needs and your outdoor space.

Here at D&G Garden World, we have plenty of experience of creating shady areas in gardens across Upminster, Brentwood and Hornchurch, so get in touch to see how we can put you in the shade.