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Is your Garden Ready for Entertaining this Summer?

Do you love having friends over for dinner? Or a few drinks of a weekend? Perhaps you have children and like to host playdates? Regardless of what type of gathering you usually host, with the summer just around the corner, it’s worth thinking about your garden as an extension of your entertaining space.

Ready to be the hostess with the most-ess garden this summer?! If so, read on in order to get your garden entertaining ready this summer!

Create a Focal Point

If you’re having friends and family over during the warmer months and would rather entertain in the garden than inside your home, then creating a focal point to draw your guests outside is a good idea.

A large dining terrace, a water feature or a brick built barbecue or pizza oven are just a few ideas that will get your guests curious enough to go outside. Remember to throw in plenty of comfortable seating and you’ll have a natural social hub in your outdoor space!

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

A barbecue is great, especially if it’s brick built. But have you thought about having an entire outdoor kitchen? Outdoor pizza ovens are all the rage this year, but you can actually create a fully functioning kitchen with worktops, cooking surfaces and a sink, if you so wish. Ask your garden landscape company to create it in a secluded part of the garden and think about including an awning or canopy overhead for protection against both the sun and the rain.

If you don’t want a full kitchen in your garden, then think about locating your outdoor dining table in close enough proximity to your home’s indoor kitchen, in order to safely and easily transport food and drink outside.

Gin and Tonic, Anyone?

If you only have a small outdoor space but still wish to host guests this summer, how about creating a small drinks terrace? All you really need is a bistro style table, and maybe a bench with scatter cushions for when you have more than just a couple of guests over, but if you want to go all out you can.

For example, you could theme the area and grow the likes of lemons and elderflower to help flavour your drink creations. Remember to add some outdoor lighting in the form of lanterns or festoon lights, and we’d suggest asking your garden design company to make the space a small, secluded, cosy zone within your garden that you can while away a balmy summers evening in with friends.

Playdate Perfect

Of course, if your guests tend to be of the younger variety, you’ll need an area dedicated to them. We’d suggest that it’s important to keep some turfed area available to children, whether real turf or artificial, and why not include the likes of a sunken sandpit for younger children, or a large climbing frame and / or a treehouse for older children?

Decking and Patios

Of course, if you want to eat outside, having an area which is dedicated to housing your dining table is key. Patios and decking are ideal for this, and if you’re redesigning your garden this summer, it’s worth investing in such a space. If you already have a decked area or a patio, now is the time to check whether it needs some cleaning or maintenance, ready to enjoy al fresco dining in the summer months ahead!

Whether you’re looking to redesign your garden to create a party and entertaining space, or perhaps would just like an area to sit and enjoy a drink with friends, get in contact with D&G Garden World. We can create a space which suits your needs – from dining to playdates – ready for you to enjoy your outdoor space this summer!