Keeping a healthy lawn in your garden can have a global impact, so make sure you do your bit for the environment and choose a trusted turf supplier. 

D&G Garden World Turf, Grass & Topsoil

A lush, healthy, radiantly green lawn makes a striking garden centrepiece. Lovely lawns set off a well-pruned garden and make ideal playing surfaces for children and relaxation areas for adults.

D&G Garden World is a specialist garden landscaping company. With over 20 years experience, D&G is the expert choice for turf laying services in Essex and east London.

D&G Garden World’s turf, grass and topsoil services include:

  • Fresh, high quality, weed-free turf supply and delivery
  • Turf laying service
  • Turf laying advice for DIY-ers
  • Grass seed and Topsoil supply
  • Lawn repair and maintenance
  • Products for lawn maintenance and protection

With a longstanding, trusted reputation to uphold, D&G is committed to supplying the ultimate in top quality turf, grass and topsoil to complement your garden project.

D&G’s Turf and Grass Seed
The lawn of your dreams can be the talk of the neighbourhood. We can help you create a picture perfect lawn by guiding you on choosing the best type of grass to suit your needs.

We offer a selection of different types of turf and grass seed. Choice will depend on conditions in your garden, and how you plan to use your lawn:

    Family lawns: where children revel, pets play and adults party; this turf is low maintenance so ideal for busy families and in situations where hardwearing turf is needed to cope with a regular flow of traffic

    Feature lawns: the oasis of green amidst your flourishing flowerbeds; where appearance rates more highly than practicality

D&G offers a free advisory service with every turf and grass seed supply order. This covers:

  • How much do I need?
  • Laying your turf: how and when
  • Sowing your grass seed
  • Grass nutrition: how to keep your lawn looking lustrous with the right feeds and fertilisers
  • Weed and moss control: how to keep unwanted plant life from ruining your lawn
  • Irrigation and drainage: maintaining a perfect lawn through good watering and drainage management

D&G’s Topsoil
Topsoil is rich in organic matter and micro-organisms and offers the richest source of nutrients to plants. It is therefore important that the highest quality topsoil is used for your lawn and plants.

D&G Garden World supplies two main types of topsoil:

  1. As dug: as it comes, straight from the source
  2. Screened: filtered to remove stones

D&G supply topsoil for:

    Lawns: sandy loam to use in preparation for turf laying or sowing grass seed. This is easy to use and forms an ideal flat surface for new turf. Grass needs organic material at least 50mm below its surface to help prevent water logging and aid moisture retention for dry spells.

    Borders, beds, pots and planters: compost and peat to encourage big, colourful flowers and healthy vegetables.

The Environmental benefits of a healthy lawn:

Not only does a healthy lawn look attractive and add allure to your garden, it is also beneficial to the environment in a number of ways, because it:

  • Absorbs airborne pollutants like dust and spores
  • Converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, helping to clean the air
  • Filters pollutants from rainwater
  • Can prevent soil erosion
  • Offers a feeding ground for birds

Keeping a healthy lawn in your garden can have a global impact, so make sure you do your bit for the environment and choose a trusted supplier for your turf, grass and topsoil and lawn maintenance productsand advice. Choose D&G: 20 years experience in the garden industry and an established reputation for supplyingtop quality garden products.

For more information on turf, grass and topsoil, please browse our FAQs.

To arrange your free consultation and quotation, please Contact Us. We look forward to helping you create the perfect lawn!